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Rock Island Arsenal Museum - Houses an extensive collection of military firearms, both foreign and domestic. Over 1100 weapons are currently on display.

Nuclear Weapons Museum at Arzamas-16 - An online photographic tour of the museum at the Los Alamos of the former Soviet Union, Arzamas-16. Photos and descriptions of the first Soviet atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, the development of tactical and ballistic weapons, and the installations used for testing weapons.

Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust - The last 100 years of the Liverpool Scottish Regiment, Liverpool's own kilted infantry. With weapons, uniforms, photographs and artifacts.

Berman Museum of World History - Collection of art, historical objects, and weapons from around the world including paintings and bronzes by 19th c. European and American artists, and material from military campaigns. Located in Anniston, Alabama.

Museum Replicas Limited - Fully functional replicas of armour and weapons, decorations and books, clothing and costumes. On line catalog, ordering information, accepts credit cards.

Arms and Armor The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Met presents their vast collection of armor, edged weapons, and firearms ranking among the worlds greatest armories, ranging from full suits of Japanese armor to minute ornamental sword fittings.

Discover Sea Shipwreck Museum - with hundreds of coins, silver and gold bars, weapons, jewelry, porcelain and pottery recovered from shipwrecks.

Virtual Museum - Featuring a 3d museum displaying historical artifacts such as weapons, jewelery, ceramics, stoneware, toys, fossils, coins, copper and gold, ancient vessels, relics, tools, heritage items.

The National Atomic Museum -- Delivery Systems - The F-105 Thunderchief was originally designed to deliver nuclear weapons and replaced the earlier F-84 bombers. Photo of exhibit aircraft and brief history.

St. Augustine Florida Museum of Weapons and Early American History - Educational exhibits of unusual guns, Florida Civil War artifacts, swords, and historical documents.

Air Force Armament Museum - Museum of the U.S. Air Force dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of weapons artifacts, memorabilia, the platforms of delivery.

The Civil Engineer Corps and Seabee Museum - The museum, in Port Hueneme, California, was founded in 1947. The museum features weapons, uniforms, insignia, models, and other artifacts related to the U.S. Navy's Civil Engineer Corps (CEC), starting in the 19th century to present, and treats the history of the Seabees as they have evolved from WWII to recent times.

Berman Museum - Collection of art, historical objects, and weapons from around the world including paintings and bronzes by 19th c. European and American artists, and material from military campaigns. Includes photos, calendar of events and contact.

Pakistan Air Force Museum - Official web site of Pakistan Air Force Museum. Includes a virtual tour of the Museum, information about the PAF, history, aircraft and weapons.

Richmond Arsenal: The Civil War Shop - Selection includes bullets, buckles, museum quality weapons, accoutrements, uniforms, swords, muskets, and carbines.

Mediaeval Sword - Information on antique European medieval edged weapons from the Dark Ages to 1500 AD. Includes a list of related events, museums and bibliography.

The Male Academy Museum - Has on permanent display an authenic Confederate battle flag, a large collection of weapons and equipment, period photographs and other artifacts.

Museum of Southern History - Offers artifacts, memorabilia, weapons, flags, and a 3,000-volume research library; hours of operation and exhibit details.

Museum of Colorado Prisons - Exhibits here include: historic photographs depicting life behind bars, confiscated inmate weapons and contraband, displays of disciplinary paraphernalia, and a gas chamber.

Museum of Weapons and Early American History - Educational exhibits of unusual guns, Florida Civil War artifacts, swords, and historical documents. Offers ability to request a catalog online.

Khukriwala - Manufacturer of steel crafted weapons and museum pieces, including samurai swords, khukries, daggers, hunting knives, axes.

Watervliet Arsenal - Founded in 1813, the arsenal is best known for manufacturing cannon. Official site provides information on museum, history, and contracting the arsenal to manufacture weapons.

Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park - Memorial to U.S. veterans, park features a museum with aircraft, armored vehicles, uniforms, weapons, medals and other items from the Revolutionary War through the Gulf War.

The Civil War in Knoxville - Collection of original clothing, weapons, and accoutrements at the McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Port Columbus - Civil War Naval Museum/Center Features the salvaged wrecks of the CSS Jackson, an ironclad ram and the CSS Chattahoochee, a wood sail and steam gunboat. Also on dislay are a collection of uniforms, weapons, models, ordnance and art. Downtown Columbus Georgia.

National D-Day Museum - Explores the lives of American men and women who took part in World War II through letters, recruitment posters, weapons, models, and film. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kurchatov Institute - A museum about Igor Kurchatov, head of the USSR's A-bomb project, and Soviet nuclear weapons research. Provides virtual tours of Kurchatov's life and Soviet atomic research facilities.

Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Museum - Traces the history of British Airborne Forces since their beginning in 1940 to the present day. Features weapons, equipment, dioramas and briefing models to tell the story of the many actions. Includes hours, admission rates, gift shop and location map. Located in Aldershot.

Ancient East - Importers of Museum Quality Historical Reproduction Daggers, Swords and Jewelry from the Middle East and Far East. Also offering antique weapons. Online ordering accepts credit cards.

Airborne and Special Operations Museum - Exhibits over 60 years of history of Army airborne and special operations units. Includes weapons and equipment.

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics - A history of one of the Soviet Union's leading atomic research institutes. Includes a virtual museum of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons and delivery systems.

Fort Jackson Museum - The museum uses an assortment of military weapons, uniforms and other equipment to illustrate how the American soldier has been trained to perform his duties in peacetime and war.

Living Under a Mushroom Cloud: Fear and Hope in the Atomic Age - Virtual version of an museum exhibit. Addresses the ambivalence of the public toward atomic power and weapons in the period between 1945 and 1965. Articles, photographs.

Ordnance Museum - Has about 230 items, mostly examples of foreign countries' weapons from World War II and I, on display in the field outside the building. Inside are special displays, an extensive collection of small arms, library and a small theater. Includes photos, hours, membership details, location and contact details.

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