Chief Thomas E. Hawley


"38 cal. S&W Model 10"

"Presentation Revolver

- mfg. 1920 -


Law Enforcement Treasures

Thomas E. Hawley Green Bay Chief of Police Revolver 


This RARE Smith & Wesson Revolver was presented to Thomas E. Hawley upon his "record serving" retirement as Police Chief of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Thomas E. Hawley served as the Chief of Police in Green Bay, Wisconsin from from August 17, 1897 until June 1, 1946, serving just shy of 49 years.

Thomas E. Hawley Green Bay Chief of Police Inscription

Presented by   E. P. Cunningham

to    T. E. Hawley 

Chief of Police

Green Bay 

- Wis -

  In 2007 the Green Bay Police Department celebrated its 150th Anniversary.  Guinness World Book of Records issued an Official Certificate recognizing Thomas E. Hawley as the World's Longest Serving Chief of Police.

Thomas E. Hawley Green Bay Chief of Police Certificate

Thomas E. Hawley was recognized by Guinness as having the longest tenure as Chief of Police.  Thomas E. Hawley was the son of Irish immigrants.  He was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1866. When he was 27 years old, he became a Police Officer for the City of Fort Howard.  When the Cities of Green Bay and Fort Howard consolidated, he continued with the newly combined department.  

Thomas E. Hawley Green Bay Chief of Police Badge Portrait

Hawley was with the new city department for slightly longer than two years when he was promoted to Captain. Less than one year later, on April 11, 1899, he was promoted to Chief of Police. His successful career in law enforcement spanned  53 years, with 49 of those years being chief. His service as chief of Green Bay Police took him from the turn of the century, through the Great Depression, through World War I and World War II, and beyond, retiring on May 31, 1946, at the age of 80 years old.

Thomas E. Hawley Green Bay Chief of Police Badge

Included with the Hawley Presentation Revolver is the T. E. Hawley, Green Bay  Chief of Police "Gold Shield" and the Chief Thomas E. Hawley name tag.  This One-of-a-Kind badge is just as rare as the gun itself.


 ........ A true One-of-a-Kind piece of History........

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