Colt 1878 DA Sheriff's Model  

From the Stagecoach  Museum Collection


This Very rare Colt Double Action revolver was manufactured in 1882 in 44-40 caliber. An accompanying Colt Factory Letter indicates originally shipped to Hibbard, Spencer, and Bartlett, in ejector less Sheriff's configuration. Later this revolver became part of the famous Stagecoach Collection (item 479) and is so documented by serial number and is pictured on page 129 & 152 in the well known "Stagecoach Collection" book.  This revolver comes with a rare copy of this book signed by the 3 buyers of the Stagecoach Collection and inscribed to the late Colt Expert and Author, Keith Cochran. A second inscription to the current owner of this rare piece is also inscribed 20 years later by  two surviving buyers. 

This revolver comes with its original 1880's Sheriffs holster with iron star and its display mahogany case with 12 period cartridges, display cartridge box, original Screwdriver, 1880's  Compass, Oil Bottle, 1890's HSB Watch Fob, and a very rare original Deputy Prohibition Commissioner Badge.  It carries the HWS collection seal and brass #479 museum inventory tag.

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