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If you or your client requires expert antique gun prices  and/or  antique gun value services or Gun Appraisals for any Divorce Settlements or Inheritance  Gun Value Determination ... 

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"Singularly committed to Antique Firearm Identification and Antique Gun Appraisal "

A professional, ethical and experienced firm providing Antique Gun  Prices, Gun Identification and Gun Appraisal service for clients -- direct or through professional agencies and organizations. Expert Used Gun Value Appraisals to determine Used Gun Prices.  Dedicated Firearm Appraiser.

A proven record of dedication to clients in servicing their needs for  Firearm Identification, Used Gun Prices, Firearm Collection and Firearm Appraisal.

Our consultants are specialists all aspects of Firearm Identification including Gun Identification, Firearm Appraisal, Antique Gun Values, Antique Gun Appraisal,  Firearm Values, Handgun Values, Used Gun Values, Used Gun Prices and value-added Gun Collection asset management including Gun Auction consulting.

For confidential consultation on Gun Value email <click here fees vary $19.95 to $39.95
Firearm Values Gun Appraisal

Goodman, Wesson and Associates
is a professional Antique Gun and Firearm Appraisal organization specializing in Firearm Values of Antique Firearm / Firearm Collection and associated  articles.  We work closely with Attorneys, Gun Insurance Agencies, and Legal Authorities, as well as private clients to provide these expert Antique Gun Appraisal services:

  • Used Gun Prices
  • Firearm Identification
  • Firearm Values
  • Antique Gun Values
  • Used Handgun Prices
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Firearm Appraisal against Fire
  • Firearm Appraisal against Theft
  • Gun Identification resources
  • Antique Gun Values Appraisal  
  • Gun Identification
  • Handgun Value 
  • Gun Appraisal

Contact us to discuss requirements for Firearm Appraisal, Gun Identification and Used Gun Prices.

Expert Gun Consultants:
Our firm's Consultants each have over 30 years of Antique Gun Values experience.  The types of Used Gun Prices we have researched have contained pieces ranging from rare Antique Used handgun prices of small spy devices to large Civil War Cannons.

Expert Gun Historians:
Accurate Firearm Values can extend beyond basic Firearm age assessment of individual Gun pieces.  It is often times important to trace the history of a Gun, sometimes across its many generations of owners — tying origin specifics to gun related articles, noteworthy people, and significant events.  As requested, we provide this value-added research to more accurately deduce the worth of a piece — influencing the value of the total Gun Collection.  A real example of increased Antique Handgun Values is how our research tied an average valued 19th century Tranter pistol to - Chief Inspector Donald Swanson of Scotland Yard — who was the Primary Investigator of the "Jack the Ripper" case. The historical evidence that was uncovered increased the Antique Handgun Values for this client by over 1000%.

Expert Client Services:
By exploiting today’s technologies we are able to quickly initiate our services remotely - engaging in the exchange of  privacy and confidentiality agreements, photographs, for Gun Auction, Used Gun Values, Used Handgun Prices and Used Gun Prices.  To provide the level of value that Goodman, Wesson and Associates’ reputation has earned, we prefer hands-on exposure to Gun Collections, face to face counseling with our clients, and personal overseeing of Gun Collection transport and logistics with our Firearm Appraiser.


fees vary $19.95 to $39.95


For assistance Selling your individual pieces - see our Client Sale Items Page.

 Single Items  or Large Collections:
We will endorse and will suggest independent Firearm Appraiser professionals who can assist with large or small quantity Gun Collection needs. We offer specialty services to clients who represent Firearm Collections of  > twenty pieces.

 click>   Individual piece appraisals   <click We perform individual appraisals. Instant appraisals also available. 

     fees vary $19.95 to $39.95

 e-mail a detailed description of the item you would like appraised.  You will    receive an acknowledgement shortly. 

Useful Information:   | Client Sale Items | Arms Museums | Antique Gun Resources 

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fees vary $19.95 to $39.95

Professional Services are offered in determining current handgun values and used gun values in the market place.  Each firearm appraiser has his unique experiences needed in determining used gun values of all types in an Antique gun collection.  All the Antique Gun Values are based on current used gun prices in the firearm value market.  The Antique gun Prices reflect the current used gun value sales and the gun appraisal certificates issued clearly state the gun Values.   Used Gun Prices of all Firearm Value are always determined through detailed Gun Appraisal studies and the Gun Values of every single Gun Collection that has been previously appraised.  The  Used Gun Value determined in up to date and can be used for insurance purposes in case of loss.  The Firearm appraisal certificates can be used for estate settlement and divorce asset division.  Gun appraisal is important for keeping one current of the increasing gun values in the varying used gun market.  We look forward to helping determine the gun values of your gun collection.




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